Dryer Vent Cleaning – Who needs it? Everyone! Says the Wizard of Nassau County

Dryer vent cleaning is necessary to promote air flow so your dryer works safely and efficiently. There is no such thing as a “self-cleaning” dryer vent system or a “maintenance-free” dryer vent system. Even the very best dryer vent system, using top-quality materials, professionally installed, will eventually become blocked with lint build-up if neglected.

Everyone who owns a clothes dryer needs dryer vent cleaning. From single family homes to duplexes, apartment buildings, attached condos and commercial laundries; dryer vent cleaning is necessary for your safety.

Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard; they also cause a dryer to use up to $300 extra per year in energy. Clogged dryer vents attached to gas dryers could pose a carbon monoxide threat.

Dryer vent cleaning should be done annually to keep clothes dryers operating safely and efficiently. Your dryer vent system works with your dryer to remove heat and moisture from the dryer drum as tumbling laundry is dried.

Drying time increases dramatically if dryer vents become clogged with lint and air flow is blocked. The moisture that is held in the hot air cannot be expelled to the vent outdoors without adequate air flow. Laundry dries slowly and the room becomes very hot and humid. Moisture can also condense inside the dryer vent and inside your dryer, causing problems.

Heat is an important function of your clothes dryer. Without proper air-flow, heat cannot escape. As the dryer labors and parts are overworked, sparks can be thrown into the dryer duct where flammable lint waits to be ignited.

Many current dryers have a one-time resettable thermal fuse or safety device that opens when the dryer vent is blocked or improperly installed. When this happens, the dryer will no longer produce heat; the part will have to be replaced in order for the dryer to work again.

Dryer vent cleaning and proper installation ensures your dryer will operate safely and efficiently. Dryer vent cleaning reduces the chance of appliance break-down and extends the life of your dryer. Lower energy bills and eliminating a fire hazard are more good reasons to clean dryer vents annually.

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